Miguel: the character – reworking of chapter one

Had myself a lazy weekend, what with staying up late and headaches from my neck problem. And now I’m regretting not doing my test mile in writing as planned. I was going for a rework of chapter one of Miguel and if not, then at least a thousand words this weekend to get in the flow. I was instead watching Merlin (got through two seasons) and stuffing my face.

Perhaps I can concentrate on my writing better when I’m at work… I seem to be more awake (probably because I have to be, and I wouldn’t get away with watching Merlin at work), or I just enjoy being on the edge, risking being caught doing something that I’m not supposed to be doing.

Anyway, my laziness aside (and one could wonder how I propose to be a full time writer if I couldn’t push myself to do anything part time huh?), I’ve dug out chapter one of Miguel anyway and put it up for proof reading. And I’ve been getting feedback from one particular enthusiast who had pointed out to me that my main character is a bit ‘stale’. Well, I was 16 when I invented him and he’d stayed that way because I couldn’t let go of that childish idea, but then no one else had mentioned that he could do a bit more action from chapter one.

Eight years have passed, and not many people like reading slow paced action adventure. A lot of us (and admittedly myself included) get drawn into a story when things happen fast: there are fights, mad flight. And my hero must keep up with the ages; get more dynamic, more decisive. And if he’s not quick to start with then there must be a good explanation for that.

I know what makes Miguel tick, he’s an old fashioned guy who had spend the last four years living on the outskirts of community, not getting friendly with anyone for fear that their association with him may get them killed if and when his brother found out where he was hiding. He was and always be a gentleman, hardened warrior who had been sent to many hostile environments over time on diplomatic missions. He has great respect for women and all life, he’s a tracker, a medicine man – one has to be when they are out solo with people out to get him. But he has resigned himself to a life alone because he did not want to put anyone in harm’s way on his behalf. And the only reason that he has ran away from conflict with his brother is because he could not face killing family. All Miguel wants and ever wanted is to live in peace – he would give anything for that.

And so in chapter one I have to get this sense of him on the page. Looks like a tough job – but something that has to be done even if the chapter will be completely different from what I’d written so many years ago.

So my target today is to rework chapter one and if not then do my 500 words today. Then who knows, once I start writing I may be unable to stop – and that’s exactly what I’m hoping for.

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Digging out of an anthill and other bla’s

Life is a crazy, unpredictable thing. I, of course, have been sunk deeply into reading again. At some points I dove out for a few seconds, just enough to think: “wow, that’s clever word use, I should try it in my writing”, before disappearing again into a world so artfully, and seemingly effortlessly, created by another author. Continue reading

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A New Way To Keep Motivated

I’ve been complaining recently about being unable to motivate myself to continue writing. Believe it or not, I haven’t got a critique group or a person as such who would read my work and comment on a regular basis, and so my writing stalls for months on end because I don’t know where to begin again.

And just after a similar complaint to my Iker, she had suggested that I sign up for the ‘A Round Of Words In 80 Days’ which runs 4 times yearly to keep making goals, reaching them and getting motivated about it. So as of today, I’ve signed up. Continue reading

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I scream for Scrinever!

Microsoft Word is it. But the soul of the writer still cries: ‘Isn’t there a word processor which would make editing easy? Is there not one program that would save me from scrolling down an endless word document? Isn’t there one program I could use for my work and research?’ Well I’ve recently found out that there is – Scrinever. Continue reading

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Spring? More like summer here in Cyprus already!

The spring has arrived! I’m not sure how it happens, but suddenly the air smells of spring. In Russia it is visible because finally the snow would melt and not fall again and the small flowers would bloom in the grass next to the buildings – there the air smells of greenery. Continue reading

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